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Bennett Fertility Institute Success Rates

The success rates of INTEGRIS Health's Bennett Fertility Institute are available on along with national and clinic specific statistics. The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology {SART), of which Bennett Fertility Institute is a member, has advertising guidelines that restrict clinics from comparing their results to others. We emphasize, however, that since 1997, our success rates in terms of live births per in-vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure have remained consistently high and a great source of pride. Recent trends in reducing the number of embryos transferred (in order to reduce multiple births, including twins), have resulted in a predictable decrease in pregnancy rates. We strive to help our patients achieve their dream of a healthy baby while complying with national guidelines and the trend to decrease multiple births. Please call us for a detailed discussion of our success statistics.

Our patients or any other interested individuals, including referring physicians, can get detailed information from the SART web site and from our physicians regarding the number of procedures we performed per age group per year, the rate of multiple births, and other statistics of interest.

According to the SART Policy for Advertising.“Both patients and referring physicians have a right to know pregnancy rates derived from programs of assisted reproduction. Accurate reporting of data assists in the formation of realistic expectations and promotes patient confidence in the integrity of assisted reproductive technology (ART) programs." We fully support the SART advertising guidelines, which help to keep our field honest. Therefore, while we emphasize our own substantial success since 1997, we ask that anyone who is interested in the national success and the success of other clinics go online to the SART website or consult with one of our clinicians.

SART gathers data from more than 380 fertility clinics across the country. We are proud to be an outstanding member of such a reputable national organization with a strong self-regulation culture. Our senior physician, Dr. Eli Reshef, serves on the Executive Council (Board of Directors) of SART and heads its Advertising Committee.

Our success rate at Bennett Fertility Institute is due to several factors. Our clinic has been in operation since 1985 and, therefore, has had the opportunity to acquire vast experience in the art and science of in-vitro fertilization. We treat each patient individually, and have a superb laboratory crew to take care of the intricate details of the fertilization and embryo-culture process. Our nurses, doctors, and laboratory personnel communicate very well with our patients, which is another key to success. Only two physicians perform embryo transfers in our clinic. They have over 70 years of combined IVF experience, an important factor in maintaining a consistently high success rate.

(A comparison of clinic success rates may not be meaningful because patient medical characteristics and treatment approaches may vary from clinic to clinic.)

Visit the SART website for Bennett Fertility Success Rates


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