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Embryo Donation in Oklahoma

Embryo donation is a viable reproductive option as an alternative to egg donation or baby adoption. Even though the donated embryos are not genetically related to the recipient couple, the experience of pregnancy is sometimes preferred by the couple over adopting a child. The recipient mother is given hormones to prepare the uterine lining for implantation. The donated embryos that are stored in frozen state are thawed and transferred into the uterus in a simple non painful procedure. Donated embryos are excess embryos from an IVF procedure in which the original parents relinquished their rights of ownership in order to allow another couple to have these embryos.
Oklahoma law designates the recipient couple as the legal parents, with the donor couple having no rights or responsibilities to the child so born.


The indications are similar to egg donation- situations where eggs are not available, such as absence of ovaries (surgical or from birth), premature ovarian failure, poor ovarian function, or genetic abnormalities in the mother or father.

Contraindications, complications, adverse effects

Serious medical conditions in the recipient or abnormalities of the recipient's uterus (e.g. fibroids) contraindicate embryo donation. Multiple births are the most common complication in the recipient, even though we try to transfer only one embryo per procedure to avoid that. Transmission of infect ion from the donor couple to the recipient is exceedingly rare if the appropriate screening is perform ed.