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Laparotomy is an abdominal surgery involving a large incision (2-6 inches). It is similar to a C-section. Only a limited number of reproductive surgical procedures are performed nowadays by laparotomy. Common infertility surgeries that require larger exposure of the reproductive system (hence larger incisions) include removal of fibroid tumors (myomectomy), some cases of severe endometriosis and scar tissue, and ruptured ectopic (tubal) pregnancies that cannot be managed by laparoscopy. Most reproductive surgeries can be otherwise perf or med on an outpatient basis through small incisions (laparoscopy).

Most laparotomies involve a transverse (side-to-side) incision in the lower abdomen. In the event a larger exposure is needed, a vertical (up-and-down) incision is performed. Most laparotomies are followed by a hospital stay of 1-4 days and recovery period of 2-4 weeks. The risks of laparotomy are bleeding, infection, injury, or anesthesia complications. The decision to perform a laparotomy vs. a laparoscopy depends on the type of problem encountered and the surgeon's experience.