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History and Physical Examination

One of the most important components of infertility evaluation is the history and physical examination (H&P). Many clues to the causes of infertility may be obtained from them. Using clues from the H&P, the physician can suggest appropriate tests. Using clues from the H&P, the physician may also avoid unnecessary or repetitive tests.


Initial infertility evaluation must include a thorough history. This should include the Chief Complaint (Why are you here?), and past medical history. Past medical history includes infertility history (duration of infertility, previous tests and procedures, obstetrical history); medical conditions and past surgeries; current medications and allergies; social history (occupation, marital status, substance use and abuse); and family history. Medical records are a very important component of the initial history.

Physical Examination

Whether performed as part of the initial visit or at a later date, the physical examination may also provide important clues to the causes of infertility. Certain physical conditions such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and certain birth defects of the reproductive tract may be discovered during the examination. Males with abnormal sperm or with certain physical complaints should be examined by a urologist to detect conditions that may be amenable to treatment.